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Spring and Easter is a wonderful time for a new portrait. Easter is a significant holiday for followers of the Christian faith. From ornate hats to colorful clothing, people have been wearing their finest eye-catching outfits for Easter services and parades. Irving Berlin captures this sentiment with song lyrics:

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.”

For centuries, western culture has linked Easter with new threads to symbolize renewal and rebirth. So, there couldn’t be a better time for a portrait in your fashion-forward spring outfit. 

Brooklynn’s parents scheduled her for an Easter portrait with IN Dancing Light Photography. Brooklynn is a beautiful six-year-old full of energy. However, she can also get a bit shy. She loves ballet and gymnastics, so we planned to capture some additional dance images of her.  

For the Easter portrait, Brooklynn posed in front of a spring sunrise backdrop. She held a wicker basket and reached out her hand to suggest she was picking the spring flowers. After capturing this image, it was edited to place some flowers in the basket and a flower in Brooklynn’s hand. These edits created a three-dimensional feel to the portrait. 

For the next set of photos, Brooklynn wore a gymnastics outfit with an award medal around her neck that suggested she had just won a gold medal at the Olympics. In addition to some tumbling poses, we captured some images of Brooklynn with flowing fabric fluttering behind her. 

And, of course, there were also some dance images. In one image, Brooklynn has rounded arms extended above her head for the “fifth position bras en couronne” as the arms maintain a gently curved line. In another image, Brooklynn stood in the demi-second position—an amazing skill for such a young dancer. 

Importance of children’s portraits

Children grow up fast. A spring or Easter portrait is a way to preserve these precious memories. These springtime portraits remind us of the excitement, hope, innocence, and appreciation of beauty characteristic of childhood. You deserve to cherish the memories of your children at a time in their life when everything is new, there is a sense of curiosity, and they are eager to discover new things. Happiness is laughing at old childhood photos and portraits.

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children grow their self-esteem. It’s important for children to grow into individuals who have confidence in themselves and know their self-worth. Several research projects have shown that individuals surrounded by printed portraits saw increases in their self-esteem behaviors. By displaying your children’s portraits, you are telling people you are proud of them and showing them off just like you would show off an expensive piece of art. In addition, displaying your children’s portraits shows your children that they are important to you.  

My mother, who worked meticulously on our family genealogy, preferred physical prints other than digital images. She said digital images are too easily lost forever, and future generations won’t have photos of their ancestors. However, families don’t discard photographic prints of their children. The prints may get buried in a family trunk or shoe box, but they are kept for generations to come. By preserving these memories, your children and grandchildren will know about their past and develop a stronger sense of personal identity. 

Brooklynn’s parents have had a 16×20 print made to hang on their wall. It will be a symbol to Brooklynn that she is important. And this large print of her will be cherished forever. 

Thank you for looking. To contact me about an Easter, family, or newborn photo session of your own, or to inquire about wedding photography in the Indianapolis area, click the contact link above. 

IN Dancing Light Photography creates fine art portraits that are bold, beautiful, vibrant, timeless, authentic, and unique. We use our creative talent and technical skill to produce photographs with the power to evoke emotion. IN Dancing Light Photography creates images and portraits that our clients will cherish forever. 

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Portrait of an Indianapolis child in a blue gymnastics outfit wearing an award medal.

Brooklynn in gymnastics outfit

Portrait of a young child picking flowers in the early morning

Brooklynn picking flowers


Portrait of an Indianapolis child dancing with outstretched arms and standing on one foot wearing a black dance skirt.

Brooklynn dancing with outstretched arms

Young girl practicing her ballet steps


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