Not through words–through moments–memories, smiles, glimpses of genuine emotion, of romance—unfiltered and unanticipated. This is where the magic happens. IN Dancing Light Photography can capture it all as your love story unfolds on your special day. Some moments are too special to put into words–that’s how we picture it with an artistic flair.

After the cake is cut, the music ends, and the lights fade, your photos are the lasting proof that this special occasion actually happened. And yes, it was as wonderful as you remember it. Through our lens, we show the heart of you, and we tell your compelling story.

Peter is as talented and creative as he is passionate. Donna brings her sophisticated fashion sensibility, her poise, and her eye for color and beauty. Donna is known for classic elegance and artistic flair. Together, they are masters at capturing images that feel full of life and love. Their portfolio is joyful playful in the best way, and every wedding they shoot looks more fun than the last.

Peter’s & Donna’s goal is to tell your story through your photos. They do this by listening and then capturing beautiful moments that are unique to you. IN Dancing Light can turn a wedding day into an elaborate photo story that puts the average coffee-table book to shame.

IN Dancing Light Photography has forged an innovative style that fuses the worlds of fashion, photojournalism, and traditional wedding photography. Their work leans toward the dramatic, using the urban or rural landscape to full effect. They’re also available for destination weddings.

Peter & Donna love working with creative couples who want something a little different for their special day. They blend a style that leans toward documentary with an editorial eye for romance, emotion, and celebration.

In Dancing Light