Industrial-Chic Wedding at the Neidhammer

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If you are looking for an industrial-chic wedding venue in Indianapolis, the Neidhammer Event Center might be an excellent place to consider. The industrial style has exposed architectural and mechanical details such as beams, ducts, and pipes. It includes exposed brick, metal, wood, and concrete. This style embraces the structural elements rather than trying to hide them. Blended with the industrial style are elements of the building decor reminiscent of old-world ruins or vintage decor. The soft, romantic colors and textures create an elegant yet worn, welcoming, and eclectic look.

The renovated building provides a classic, one-of-a-kind setting for weddings and other events. It’s a unique space that provides nice options for wedding décor, florals, food, and more. The original architecture and bones of the structure inspire the interior design of the Neidhammer.

The Neidhammer was a perfect location for Oshuntique and Manuel’s wedding. It was my honor to be their wedding photographer. Guest chairs and decorations were set up on the third floor. The groom had a dressing room behind the stage. The bride was getting ready in a room on the second floor.   Following the ceremony, the guests and wedding party moved to the second floor for the cocktail hour while the staff set tables up on the third floor for the reception.   The late afternoon sun showered soft, even light through the white drapes of the tall windows.

A grouping of historic leaded window frames provided an ideal location for portraits of the bride, groom, and guests. A scrolled handrail provided a visually appealing place to photograph the bride’s hand with her new wedding ring. And there were several old cracked plaster walls with layers of faded or peeling paint–ideal for a portrait with a retro ambiance. The exposed brick walls provided another textured backdrop for portraits of guests or the wedding party.

As a photographer, I look for interesting leading lines, textures, and colors that separate my images from ordinary and uninspired photos. The bride’s graceful demeanor and flowing dress contrasted with the harsh textures and angles of the walls and beams. This contrast adds visual interest to an image.

Light is an essential element of any photograph. The large windows of the Neidhammer provided ample ambient light for the photographs. And numerous light fixtures of the event center provided additional ways to add drama to the images I captured. Some of the light fixtures are created from cast iron pipes. Decorative sconces, spotlights, and string lights enhance the ambiance of the Neidhammer venue.  One of the light fixtures in a stairwell was created with every style and shape of bulb that one can imagine.

The stage in the third-floor loft ballroom has remnants of an old mural. One can easily imagine being in the ruins of a distant civilization. The stage provides an interesting and memorable backdrop for the wedding party’s portrait. The arch above the stage made for an esthetically pleasing photo. And the ballroom was a perfect location for the couple’s first dance, the groom dancing with his mother and the bride dancing with her father.

The warm and friendly Neidhammer staff are attentive to detail and cheerfully eager to help. They scurry around, ensuring everything is set up and ready to go.

The Neidhammer, located at 2104 E Washington St, in Indianapolis, is a historic brick building built in 1901 as an Odd Fellow’s Lodge.   The Order of Odd Fellows charter was to elevate the character of humankind by promoting the principles of friendship, love, truth, faith, hope, charity, and universal justice. The Odd Fellow Order is a fraternal organization founded in England in the 1600s.

This venue is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for an Industrial chic venue for weddings, it is worth your consideration. You can access at Neidhammer. I look forward to photographing other weddings at the Neidhammer Event Center.

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Portrait of wedding couple at the Neidhammer Event Center in Indianapolis

Portrait of wedding couple

The wedding couple seated at the table in the Neidhammer Event Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

The wedding couple seated at the table in the Neidhammer with an Industrial-Chic Wedding

Close-up of the brides shoes

Close-up of the brides shoes

The bride's hand and wedding ring resting on the handrail

The bride’s hand and wedding ring resting on the handrail

Portrait of the bride in front of historic leaded windows

Portrait of the bride in front of historic leaded windows


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