Typical Wedding Photographs

 The following is a list of typical wedding photographs.  Of course, this is just a starting point and each wedding is unique.  Many other photographs may be added.  Many of the best photographs are unscripted.   IN Dancing Light Photography watches for those rare & distinctive moments that best portrays your wedding .

Before the Ceremony

Bride making final dress adjustments.


  Bride alone in dress.

   Bride with mother.

   Bride with maid or matron of honor.

   Bride with bridesmaids individually or all   together.

   Bride with both parents.

   Bride putting on garter.

    Bride with sisters.

   Groom with best man.

   Groom waiting at the altar.

   Groom's parents being seated.

   Bride's mother being seated.


During the Ceremony  (with the approval of the pastor or ceremony official)

   The processional.

   Bride with father or other starting down aisle.

Bride and groom dancing

   Bride and groom exchanging vows.

   Ring ceremony.

   The kiss.

   Bride and groom coming up aisle.


Directly After the Ceremony

   A group shot of the entire wedding court

   Bride with attendants at the altar.

   Groom with attendants group shot at the altar.

   Bride and groom with bride's family.

   Bride and groom with groom's family.

   Bride and groom with officiant.

   Bride with groom's attendants.

   Groom with bride's attendants.

   Bride and groom series (including newspaper photo).


During the Reception

   Guests signing the guest book.

   Bride and groom dancing.

   Bride and her father dancing.

   Bride throwing the her bouquet

   Cutting the cake



Other photographs

   Close-up of the rings

   Close-up of the flowers

   Photograph of the church

   Photograph of the announcement