School portait

School Portraits

Studio portraits have their limitations and it is difficult to avoid the studio or “canned” look.  Studio shots save time for the photographer and they add predictability about each shoot but they can never capture the real world of on-location portraits.

IN Dancing Light's specialty is on-location photography so you can have photos taken showing the real you! Every portrait session is a unique experience that reflects a person's own interests and personality.  IN Dancing Light will travel to your location and photograph you in the comfortable, personal environment of your living room, your backyard, or other location.  The gardens at the Indianapolis Art Museum are an excellent location.  Your own home, the canal or the Indianapolis Circle are other good locations. By taking your senior portrait on location at a place special to you, it allows you to have your dogs, cats, horses, favorite car, or favorite thing as part of your senior portrait. 

We try to schedule location sessions to take advantage of the best times of day.  Outdoor light looks best earlier in the day and early evening. The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are considered the golden hours by many photographers. The beginning and end of the day have the other advantage in summer of being cooler than the middle of the day.  If poor weather on the day of your scheduled session prevents outdoor session, a re-scheduling will be arranged at no extra charge.

Your costs are less because we don’t have to pay the overhead costs of maintaining an expensive studio, lighting, backdrops, and props. All these savings are passed on to you. IN Dancing Light transforms the portrait experience so it is all about you and portraying what you are really like.

 Costs for High School Senior portrait within the Indianapolis metro area start at $90.00 for a one-hour session.  Don’t settle for the same common studio portrait when you can show the real you. 

Tips for school portraits

School portait in archway

School portait among flowers
Schoool portrait with globe

School portait with flowers
School portrait
School portrait

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