Senior portrait tips


GUYS - For a more traditional portrait, plan on a suit or sport coat with a tie. Medium to dark sweaters can also work well. For casual and outdoor photos, select comfortable clothing such as jeans or khakis. Hats can add style or personality.  

GIRLS - Select the colors and outfits you feel best in. Dresses and sweaters are good for a more traditional look. It's a good idea to include both casual and more formal outfits in your senior portraits. Bright colors, skirts, jeans or shorts look good for your casual portraits.  

CHOICE OF OUTFITS - Plan on a few changes from casual to formal. A hat or jacket can be easy ways to quickly change your style while on location.  Simple patterns are typically best. Traditional styles will stand the test of time and keep your portrait looking good for years to come. Try to use styles and looks that will be in style next year as well as now. Otherwise you're portrait will look dated and out of style in a year or two. Classic solid sweaters will always be in style. Trendy summer tops will look out of place next summer. Having your clothes fit and ironed is very important!

YEARBOOK - be sure to check with your school for their policies.

HAIR - Your senior portrait session is not the time to experimenting with new hair styles or colors. Go with your normal style, something you're comfortable with. And if you do get it a new style, try to it at least a couple of weeks before the session so you get used to styling it. Don't forget a comb or brush and maybe some hair product just in case.

MAKEUP - Makeup for photographs should be slightly heavier than normal. However, too much makeup does not look good. A translucent powder is helpful to eliminate shine, especially for oily skin. Since most portraits concentrate on the eyes, great care should be taken to make them look their best.

GLASSES - If you wear glasses most of the time, you'll want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate glare or reflections, bring empty frames or remove the lenses from your glasses. It doesn't take much effort - and it sure makes your pictures look a lot better!

PROPS – Take advantage of items that show your interests and what you enjoy. Props can help to communicate who you are and what interests you.  

Get a good night's rest, relax and be ready for a great portrait session!

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